Special Pedestal bearings

Special Pedestal bearings

Discover special pedestal bearings

Type D: RENK thrust mounts in the D range are suitable for high absorption axial and radial forces and shock-type forces, regardless of rotation and direction of the load. The key feature of the D-range mounts is the skates RENK RS/RD with a circular surface and they can be operated with natural or water cooling or external lubrication.

Type LA: The RENK thrust mounts of the AXILUS® LA range are designed to absorb high axial forces (e.g. propellers in shipbuilding), as well as in general mechanical engineering applications or in the field of electrical engineering to absorb huge horizontal axial forces. The bearings absorb any radial loads as well.

Type LR/SN: The special pedestal bearings for marine shafts of the range RADILUS® type LR and SN are the proven standard for marine propulsion systems with shaft lines. Both types are self-lubricating and can be configured as support bearings or radial bearings – only available with a lower shell – depending on your needs. Since it is installed in the housing with a ball joint, the housing of the bearing will adapts to the position of the shaft during mounting. The frictional heat is dissipated by natural cooling.

SM type: The RENK flange housings of the SM type have been specially developed for use as engine bearings in marine applications. Designed for strong positions inclination, the construction allows for self-lubricating operation and therefore is extremely quiet. The built-in seawater-resistant finned tube coolers in the oil tank ensure optimal cooling performance.

WG Type: The RENK housings in the WG type are designed for extreme axial stresses. They have been developed primarily for the assembly of drive units of the rolling mill and large electrical machines where high axial loads occur at low speed and a high level of protection against extreme load damages must be ensured.

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