Side flange bearings EF type

Supporti a flangia laterale tipo EF

Side flange bearings EF type

The integrated side flange on the housing allows you to install the bearing directly on the housing of the machine.

The housing surfaces are optimally finned to increase the natural cooling characteristics. The EF type is particularly suitable for electrical machines that do not have bases for the bearing housing. However, the flanges must be torsion-resistant and able to absorb loads.
The clearance of the supports is significantly shorter and therefore the rotor structure is more rigid compared to pedestal mounts. Self-adjusting and floating labyrinth seals are fitted as standard to seal the shafts on the inside of the machine. Access through the inside of the machine must be provided to allow for mounting and adjustment of these estates. Due to the many advantages it offers, the EF type is the most popular design for electric machines. EF type side flange mounts are less suitable for machines with sensitive rotodynamic characteristics and/or rotors with supercritical speeds.

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