CEO: MRS. STELLA FRATI srl: who we are wants to be a sort of “translator” of technical skills and monochronic culture of German manifacturers in a market, such as the Italian one, which is often characterised by a polychronic approach.

We propose ourselves as a partner with a consultancy approach in high technological content markets.

The goal is to produce added value by building long-lasting, highly integrated relationships between technical, marketing and sales skills.


  • Loyalty
  • Win-win approach
  • Agility
  • Search for the simplest and most reliable solution that meets the needs of partners


The company’s growth path, which has further intensified in the last decade, has allowed to diversify the areas of interest, acquiring the trade representation of products even far from the origin, that was transmission components like slide bearings, pulley, belts.

MA. IN.A. SRL 1961

In 1961 Mr. Natale Frati founded srl, focused on the market of transmission parts.
It has been started the cooperation with the German company Renk (plant of Hannover), founded in 1873, that is still a leader in the market of white metal slide bearings.

MA. IN.A. SRL ‘70s

In the mid-1970s, it was signed an agreement with the German company Suco, for the exclusive distribution in Italy of the pressure switches and electromagnetic and centrifugal clutches and brakes; Suco is still a leading company in the field of pressure monitoring of mobile hydraulics.

MA.IN.A. SRL ‘80S AND ‘90S

The partnership with RENK and Suco continues and develops, intensifying its presence on the market and expanding the application areas of the products. Suco is used in dozens of industries for monitoring of lubricants, hydraulic oil, air, gases for fire-fighting systems thanks to its recognized reliability and innovative technical solutions.

MA. IN.A. SRL 2009

Suco acquires the UK-based company ESI Technology, creating a highly Specialized group active in the market of pressure monitoring. The Suco Group immediately decided to entrust the distribution of solutions by ESI to our company.

MA. IN.A. SRL 2017

Beginning of the collaboration with Ropex, a leading company impulse sealing of thermoplastic films technologies. The partnership is aimed at offering the consultative approach to Italian partners needing high quality, repeatable, high-performance sealing and traceable and controlled processes. The applications and related industrial markets are: food, consumer goods, healthcare, batteries, automotive, petrochemicals.

MA. IN.A. SRL 2023

The well-established Ropex partnership also extends to the Canton of Ticino and Graubünden. It is a natural development of a successful approach with the aim of making Ropex closer to its partners-customers and to be more efficient.

Start of the partnership with Work Microwave or the moisture sensor & measurement division. The company is one of the most important players in the satellite and satellite communication market and microwave-based solutions, with a consolidated know-how in the design and in-house production.

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