MIDDLE Flange bearings EM type

supporti a flangia mediana tipo em

Middle flange bearings EM type

The EM type middle flange bearings has been designed to meet the need of extremely small tolerances with a high level of structural strength.

The flange is located in the axial center of the housing. To simplify the Installation, very large access areas are provided inside the machine and on the bearings; it is an extraordinary advantage when assembling the machine and for  maintenance.
This housing shape is a very suitable base for a wide range of stages of expansion. The EM type median flange is a functional, multi-purpose bearings – for durable machines, from low speeds to turbocharged generators that run at maximum velocity. Center flange mounted slide bearings, designed with an enlarged opened surface (ZM7, EM9S, EM14S/XS), are a special type of bearings for smaller shafts. In cases where products have a low degree of variation, these mounts offer features optimized for natural cooling operation, which means that, i.e. two-pole electric motor powered machines can be built without separate lubrication units.

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